We create authentic eCommerce brands that inspire, empower and connect individuals, so we can all enjoy better commerce.

Our mission

At Human, we help brands gain true following of like-minded individuals, who want to take part in creating something bigger; a great brand that better the world.

Since we discovered the ability of brands to unite individuals and inspire them of doing good, for themselves or the world, we took upon ourselves the mission to help them to do so.

We transform brands and bring results to their business so they can do more for their customers, their employees, their partners, and the world.

Our Approach

We treat our brands as inspiring human beings.

Because this is what they need to be to, in order to form real relationships.

We have a brand-first mentality towards business.

Because we know that real fans greatly affect your bottom line.


Our business is built on beliefs that we use to guide us every day, both in business and in our personal lives. Overall, we put good people in the center of everything, because good people doing good things is what makes all the difference.

Give A Damn

Because our role is more important to us than you know.

The responsibility that we feel to take care of our clients, grow their business, and ensure they are fulfilled by their work is not something we take lightly. We spend countless hours strategizing ways we can make everyone’s business better. This is what we jump out of bed for, and we want you to feel the same way about what you’re doing with your brand.

Keep it real

People and great relationships are the key to business and life.

We’re laid back and casual, and it’s this type of environment that allows us to have the conversations we need to really get to know you. We’re looking for great friendships. We want to hear how your kids are doing, what passion projects you’re working on, and the latest books you’ve read. We know the closer we are to our clients, the better our work becomes.

Make It Fun

Business is a sport, and progress is what makes it worthwhile.

Spot your vision, map the route to get there, and get to work. Progressing towards a defined vision is what propels us through the daily grind of entrepreneurialism. It’s this pursuit to achieve something bigger that energizes us to keep pushing every day. The reward of our efforts is growth and the result is happiness. So, let’s have some fun together!

Seek Opportunities

Embrace what comes your way and grab hold of the good stuff.

When one door closes, ten more open. We believe there is more opportunity out there than ever before. We exercise our ability to keep our heads on a swivel so that we can choose the strategy that makes the most sense. We’ll take the leap on the opportunities that get us where we need to go, and forego the ones that won’t.

Interested in learning how we help grow your brand and get people to join your journey?


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