Celebrating Sports History Through Fashion

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity · 2023
99Jersey, or just ’99’, is an eCommerce store that specializes in producing and selling jerseys. However, with established market leaders dominating the jersey landscape in terms of product quality and reputation, they needed a new approach to differentiate their brand and grow their market share.


The key challenge for ’99’ was finding a unique value proposition that would allow them to compete without having to sacrifice conversion rate or significantly increase product quality. They turned to us at Project Human, seeking a brand strategy that could help them carve out a distinct space in the market.


To put our strategy into action, we updated ’99’s web copy to emphasize this new focus on player legacy, included player bios and significant career achievements in the product descriptions, and incorporated nostalgic design elements into the website’s look and feel.


With this new direction, ’99’ managed to distinguish itself from its competitors, creating a unique space in the crowded jersey market. The rebranding strategy didn’t merely help ’99’ hold its ground but also facilitated an increase in prices without a negative impact on the conversion rate. This project exemplifies the power of brand humanization and the importance of data-first decisions that rely on thorough customer and market research.


This case study illustrates how Project Human’s unique approach to brand strategy can transform a business. For ’99’, the key was in recognizing the emotional value of their jerseys and leveraging it to create a unique brand experience. This new narrative resonated with their customers and allowed ’99’ to raise their prices, all while celebrating the great sports legends of the past.
With Project Human, ’99’ didn’t just survive amidst the market leaders — they carved their own path, defining what it means to be a retailer of throwback jerseys.