cat protector


Cat Protector is a brand that specializes in shields designed to protect catalytic converters, a vital and often targeted component in vehicles. The brand aims to be the “Night Watchmen” for car owners, offering reassurance and peace of mind. Project Human was tasked with aligning the brand’s visual identity, marketing materials, and digital presence with this core strategy.


The Cat Protector mark design encapsulates Cat Protector’s mission by combining geometric shapes to form a catalytic converter encased within a shield. This aligns with the brand’s core mission of superior protection for catalytic converters.


Neon Green, Dark Blue, and Dark Gray as the primary colors. Neon Green is inspired by the “recording” indication of cameras and night vision goggles, designed to remind customers of the everlasting security that Cat Protector’s shields provide.

A page in the brand’s style guide. View full style guide here.

Car Lines

As a supporting graphic element, Car Lines were inspired by cars driving on the freeway and parked in dark lots. The green lines among the gray represent cars protected by Cat Protector, subtly reinforcing the brand’s mission.


Used in product photography and as a supporting graphic element in the brand’s visual communications, the Night Light effect casts a green shade over the product, adding a sense of security and spotlight focus.


The rebranding project for Cat Protector successfully aligned the brand’s visual and communicative elements with its core strategy of being the “Night Watchmen” for vehicle owners. Our creative decisions were deeply rooted in customer discovery and brand DNA, leading to increased brand awareness and sales.