Tailoring Workwear for High-Mobility Professionals

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity · 2023
CSTM is a brand specializing in workwear for individuals who are consistently on the move, requiring durable, functional attire that can keep pace with their demanding careers. With an industry saturated with generic workwear options, CSTM aimed to create a niche for itself and turned to Project Human for a unique brand strategy.


CSTM’s challenge was to differentiate themselves from the countless other workwear brands in the market. The need was to strike a balance between showcasing their commitment to quality, functionality, and the unique needs of their high-mobility customer base.


Project Human realized that the key to CSTM’s differentiation lay in focusing not on the clothes themselves, but on the people who wear them. We decided to position CSTM as the brand that truly understands and respects the grit, determination, and drive of high-mobility professionals. Thus, the new brand strategy revolved around “Embodying Resilience” – not only in the durability of the clothing but also in the spirit of the professionals wearing them.


To bring this strategy to life, along updating CSTM’s visual identity, we’ve also refined the brand communication to focus on the stories of resilience from the community of high-mobility professionals. We revamped the website to include testimonials from real customers, shared their stories on social media, and highlighted the rigorous environments in which CSTM clothing excelled.


This repositioning allowed CSTM to carve a unique identity for itself, one that truly resonated with its target audience. By focusing on the resilience of its customers, CSTM was able to foster a sense of community, leading to increased brand loyalty. The brand has not only managed to distinguish itself from its competitors but has also seen an increase in sales, customer retention, and word-of-mouth referrals.


The CSTM case study demonstrates Project Human’s ability to unearth unique brand strategies even in crowded markets. By focusing on the human element – the resilience of high-mobility professionals – we turned CSTM into more than a clothing brand.

CSTM is now a testament to the tenacity and spirit of its customers, standing as a beacon of resilience in the workwear market.