Brand Strategy, Brand Identity · 2023
Kewlioo is an e-commerce brand that specializes in fitness and wellness products. Despite having a unique product range that bridges the gap between fitness and wellness, Kewlioo was struggling to differentiate itself in an increasingly crowded market.
When Kewlioo approached Project Human, they were facing a unique challenge. Despite a strong product offering, Kewlioo was finding it hard to stand out in the ever-growing fitness and wellness market. Their brand image was indistinguishable from competitors, and they struggled to resonate with their target audience on a deeper level.

Discover & Strategize

Our initial research phase involved diving deep into the fitness and wellness industry, Kewlioo’s product offerings, and their customer base. We identified a significant opportunity to differentiate Kewlioo by creating a unique, human-like brand that resonates with their customer’s fitness and wellness aspirations.

As part of our methodology, we focused on identifying the strongest emotional motivators Kewlioo’s products give to its most loyal customers. Finding this piece of information is vital to the success of any of our projects.

Sweating the stress out

Our in-depth customer research revealed that the sensation of sweating serves as a powerful psychological cue for Kewlioo’s customers. This feeling of perspiration acts as a self-affirmation, confirming that they’ve had an effective workout. Moreover, this sense of accomplishment carries over into social settings. For instance, when they’re at a pub with friends, the confidence gained from a good sweat allows them to enjoy a beer without any accompanying guilt, enhancing their overall experience.

The Outcome

Leveraging this critical insight into our customer’s psychology, we strategically shaped Kewlioo’s brand personality to resonate with this unique emotional journey. We positioned the brand as not just a fitness solution but as a ‘Lifestyle Enabler.’ Kewlioo became the brand that understands the sweat is more than just a physical response; it’s a badge of honor, a symbol of hard work that allows you to enjoy life’s little indulgences, like a cold beer with friends, guilt-free.

Marketing campaigns were designed to celebrate this ‘Earn Your Indulgence’ philosophy, featuring real stories of people who felt empowered and guilt-free in social settings after a good workout.

This approach not only deepened our connection with existing customers but also attracted a new audience who identified with this authentic, holistic approach to well-being.

We also redesigned Kewlioo’s e-commerce platform. Following best-practices and leveraging our extensive experience in the e-commerce sector, we ensured the new design was not just visually appealing, but also enhanced the customer journey, resulting in improved conversion rates.

This project is a perfect example of how a deep understanding of the customers’ emotional triggers can lead to a successful brand strategy that cultivates relationships based on true empathy.

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